Question for women out there

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Are you a great conversationalist? Can you talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime? You may be a total pro at making small talk with anyone, but, when it comes to speaking to your dream woman, you can really have a fun nightand get to know each other well, if you know how to ask more meaningful questions. What type of topics should you stay away from? Do you keep questions light and breezy, or, should you delve a little deeper?

The right questions can spice up your conversation, and lead to fun, and flirtatious, banter. Ask the wrong ones, and your date could go south faster than a rocket. Recovering from a socially awkward moment is no problem at all — as long as you can swiftly, and with grace, switch to a new topic. Change gear swiftly, and steer your conversation along a different path by knowing exactly what types of questions you should be asking, and when. Being prepared for all scenarios will make you more relaxed. Understanding that women may share their life story with their hairdresser, but be reluctant Question for women out there share personal information with you, for example, is important to remember.

More on that later! Women may seem like mysterious creatures, at times, and often include great detail, when talking, and sharing their experiences. Are you going on a date? Do you get nervous making conversation with members of the opposite sex? The key to any good conversation is to keep the conversation going, but, there are times — especially when you are getting to know someone — that knowing what kind of questions you can ask And which to avoid like the plague! Not only might your date share her love of classic films with you, but, she may convert you too.

By the end of the evening, you may have date two in the bag, and have made plans to watch a foreign French film. We all want to make a good impression and learn about each other. Girls, generally, enjoy talking, especially about themselves, but also feel shy and nervous, and it may take a few random questions before you find a shared, common interest. Details matter — do you like pizza, or, which are your favorite toppings? And are you a thick base or thin base fan? These are far more interesting, and detailed questions. In general, a woman enjoys telling stories. Any questions that you ask may lead to longish answers, especially if the lady in question is confident enough to share, her or opinions with you.

However, women — of all ages — may be more guarded, in the beginning.

Question for women out there

Whether your date or new friend is confident- or shy- regardless- a woman may not be as forthcoming as you might like. But, women live talking? What is going on? Like anyone, we may only share our true opinions, and feelings, once we trust the person. Trust is established over time. Are you trustworthy? You cannot reassure your date, it is something earned naturally, over time. Everybody is different. By date two, your new lady friend may be sharing her threesome fantasy with you. The best questions to ask a girl are specific, but open-ended, too. Questions can be implied, and you can add details.

Never pry! How crazy is that! These are all safe, general, questions — they are not overly personal, but, more interesting than just asking direct questions…. Open-ended questions invite a person to talk more. Be sure to share your own answers, too. Interest conversations and good Questions lead naturally, to linked questions…let the conversation flow naturally.

Women, like any person, enjoy questions that may be a bit more challenging. Questions that require a little more thought can be both playful, or, intellectual. These types of questions can lead to more colorful conversation topics, which will lead to a richer personal connection. Questions can be about personal interests but also include links to more imaginative scenarios. Politics, religion, and money are not on the table unless you are firm friends. General questions about life and current affairs are acceptable, but, never, ever, push the proverbial envelope too far.

I have a cutie called Max. These questions move into interesting topics: the idea that our lives are predetermined, in some way, or not. Ghosts, spirits, aliens — across time, many cultures, across the globe, have beliefs about what happens to us, after death.

Regardless of your religious views, you can have an interesting discussion about the belief systems of the world. If your date is quite conservative then it may be best to save the spooks conversation for when you Question for women out there better acquainted. Be warned — interesting questions come with interesting answers! Your dream girl may get mushy eyed, and tell you how close she was to her beloved pet.

On the flip side, you may be shocked to hear some bizarre answers too — your dream date may confess, in fact, that she regularly sees ghosts. Boldly ask interesting questions, but be prepared for answers that may just give you the chills.

Question for women out there

The art of flirting can be learnt. Have no fear. Remember that successful flirtation is more about having fun, with a hint of seduction. An innocent question can be transformed into something a lot more sexy — but you have to speak in the right tone, and make sure you are relaxed. Get your Casanova on, and remember that body language will come into play too.

Pay attention to your posture. Feel free to loosen up, and create an intimate space. Be sure to have an arm handy to guide her to your table, and good old-fashioned manners, will not go amiss. Flirty questions will add some spice, and fun, to your evening. Always be respectful, and enjoy the witty banter that will make it a night to remember. Remember that tone, body language, and your words may have a totally different — and more subtle — than the actual words you use. The stakes are high though, with this type of flirtation, by implying future plans.

It could go south fast, so have a backup suggestion at the ready. For eg:.

Question for women out there

There may have been a few glasses of wine involved. Flirting is an art, and can work with wordplay, teasing — laughter, and the tone of your voice. There are many factors that influence attraction, but, studies do confirm that women enjoy the company of men who are able to make them laugh. Relax, have fun, and enjoy yourself! If the flirting gets scorching hot, then the next question ideas may come in very handy, indeed. Proceed with caution! Keep things clean, and subtle. The implied meaning will be more than enough to make your intentions crystal clear. Women have colorful, and active fantasies — but they are never going to share them with you unless they trust you.

Women and men work from two different proverbial playbooks. For women, physical attraction to a man is generally not enough, to progress to dirty talk. Shared intimate fantasies, and keeping your language clean, may seem old-fashioned.

Question for women out there

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