Independent mature women

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What we can do, however, is learn from those with a few years on us about what they wish they had done a little differently.

Independent mature women

So, we asked women aged over 60 from the Sixty and Me online community to share what they think young women should know, and what they someone had told their younger selves. Surrounding yourself with positive people was a common piece of advice from the older women. A woman in her 90s suggested finding some younger friends so someone can take care of you if you fall ill.

Staying away from credit cards and leaving your pension well alone until you retire were also flagged. It's a different world than youth, but it is full of its own wonders as long as you stay curious and active," added another. Be who you are and be confident in your choices. Never be a cookie cutter and the same as everyone else. And remember that you are allowed to change your mind, and you don't need permission from any one to do anything. Many older women said they wished they had valued their own instincts, and allowed themselves to feel confident in their decisions.

If someone enters your life who cherishes you for yourself then that's a bonus! Always giving in to others and burying your own needs takes a huge intolerable toll on your health and wellbeing. Your resentment is not worth the price Independent mature women always giving in to people.

Independent mature women

I don't mean in a selfish way, but a protected manner. Be kind, always, but not a pushover! If your partner offers to do a chore for you say yes thank you and do not criticise or judge the way they chose to do it," added another. You might even surprise yourself and find you like it. Living independently also prepares you for any time in your life when you may have to Independent mature women alone, and not by choice.

It's an experience every woman needs. While most of us have photos of our loved ones, the older women highlighted that few of us keep recordings. Make copies for everyone to have. You have no idea what a treasure this will be for you," said one woman. Treat your body as if you will use it for a very, very long time Many women said they wish they had treated their body as a tool they would need for many years. Exercising was a key piece of advice. One woman summed it up as: "Stop eating sugar and use sunscreen faithfully.

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Independent mature women

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Independent mature women

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Independent mature women Independent mature women

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What older women wish they could tell their younger selves