Have you tried speed dating

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Laurence, France I really think that speed dating is the worst thing in the human relation ship. How could you meet the big love in 3 minutes except if you only need a physical love affair. Otherwise it is part of our human culture to share feelings as poetic overviews,nice music, beautiful landscapesgreat cook Sophie, France Speed dating is a sad new phenomenon of modern societies in which people do not even have time to get to know each other. If I had had only 3 minutes when I met my husband, I would never have married him!

Probably because it needs more than 3 minutes to know someone and I do not believe that the first impression is always the good one.

Have you tried speed dating

But good luck to those "speed dating" fans! You will never know how a person is whatever the place you meet him. It's like "matrimonial agency" for yuppies! In the other hand, what have become of romantism and the "magic" of THE meeting??? Juramir, Brazil It is a good idea and a new way to get in touch to someone you match. It is just another way to treat such a difficult subject like that.

I can see a great success it's going to be when it comes to Brazil. Dina,Russia In my opinion it not a good idea for those, who really want to find their perfect match. I think it is generally imposible to find your love by means of computer there are only few exceptions, but don't think you are as lucky, as those who succeded.

If you want short term relationship, nothing serious-so you are welcome,But to find The One, with whom you will be ready to marry Cristiane - Brazil Speed dating is good way to distract your mind and not to meet the special one. Here in Brazil, many people know each other when they go out at night, in bars and nigthclubs. Gosia Poland I think that you can't meet a real love in this way. In this kind of dates people don't show their real personality but they only play. Besides, in three minutes all people say Have you tried speed dating same things, so you can be really confused who to choose.

Huong in Vietnam Speed Dating is very interesting! Nowaday a lot of people don't have many time and opportunities to find a special one. There isn't speed Dating in Vietnam, but there is, i must participate in it. Indu Canada Just 3 minutes to find a right partner!!!

Erika, Hong Kong I think the aim of the service is good for lonely guys and ladies for widen their exposure, but I don't think they will finding true love at the end. Three minutes to know each other is not enough. It's just a game!! Anwar Kuwait I imagine several times to get life partner through net. I tried also but unfortunately I have not successes. I got nice girl near to my door and now I am realizing its not the right way to get life partner through net.

Just to talk, its not enough to understand the partners feeling and other emotions.

Have you tried speed dating

Oloolou from Bordeaux It can be a good way but I don't think I'll use it or maybe in several years if I am alone and haven't the time. On the either side my opinion is not very interesting coz I have never seen how it works JB what do you think about it? DinaBordeauxFrance "Speed dating" makes part of our society unfortunatly.

We always hurry up somewere to date, to finish our studies to date again, to work and to date again and again STOP!!!!

Have you tried speed dating

Aren't you tired of keeping running all over again? Don't hurry up Mr or Mrs Perfect will come sooner or later. Then you meet them and become friends and if it goes on to the next level then its good for the person Le Cock I don't think that you could find your true love past the internet. If you want to find your true love, get a life, get your fat ass away from the computer and go somwhere else were lots of people are comming!!!! How can you learn to know someone in a few minutes???

Pieter-Jan Lenssens Belgium I don't speed-dating is good for meeting your true prins or princess I think you have to meet him or her self!!! Douglas Oliveira, Brazil I dont believe in fast solutions.

Have you tried speed dating

Al Sherrigton, United States of America For a guy, just one look and eye contact is all that's needed. Why waste time? I think it's a great idea. It could at least lead to fun relationships, the danger being disappointment in one's own judgement of someone. Only few cases to be happened,normally everything always has its course,people knows people exaclty likt it, it must know more about each other then you can find it is right person for you or not?

Lillian-Brasil In my opnion speed dating is not good to meet a love,I don't think that 3 minutes is enough to know someone. Sandro- Ecuatorian I think this is not rigth becuase in 3 minutes someone get enough information fron the other person, but what can we do? Nadia, Brazil i think a speed dating can be very useful for a busy and maybe shy person to meet new people.

Swan Ukraine Yeah well, really amusing occupation, who knows whether you? But anyway trying it out we don? Still there are as many points of view as many people are on the earth? Why not to meet somebody new, whom you like, who? Who knows maybe this? Rick, UAE As the research suggests, interest levels in people can increase or decrease within 30 seconds of getting to know someone.

Have you tried speed dating

People will instantly judge each other primarily on appearences,and will be keen to meet attractive people of the opposite sex. Even though we try to be nice and admit that looks don't really matter, on the inside we know that it ificantly matters! Men will look at speed dating as means to get 'lucky' with as many women as they can but women will actually scan the men to seek either a 'sugardaddy' for short term or someone who looks like he can support a family for long term relationship. Maria, Russia I am sure that such a kind a dating is e great source of fun.

But at the same time who Have you tried speed dating where we can meet the special one. As for me I want to try such experience but there is no such an organization. I can like or dislike a person within first 30 seconds. On the other hand when you try this experience for many times and after th companion you fail to find the one you need you can turn into despair and leave the society without knowing that your special one is in turn. Jan, Holland It's an interesting idea but I don't think it will catch on. In my opinion it is not the good way to meet Mr Right! Where is the romance?

But I admit that by curiosity I would like to attend a speed dating event only to see how it works! Maybe for fun only! Lee,London Wow. Speed dating. Jason, Hong Kong From my point of view, it is impossible to find a true love within threee minutes because a stable and long love depends on long-time mutual understanding. Kalina from Poland I think "speed dating" may be a very good way of finding your sweet-heart,because Have you tried speed dating people you meet more likely you'll find the perfect one deed specially for you. Bart Poland If you decide to do it and fall for it, you might be very disappointed with who you have met.

To put it in a nutshell, it is impossible to get to know a man in a couple of minutes. Sometimes even a couple of years is too little time to look through a prospective partner for might be the whole life. Love is very important to our life. Let,s think about the importance of love. Carol, Shanghai, China Speed Dating provides a good opportunity to meet new friends. Then, it could a comparatively long time before a deliberate decision of choosing a partner.

In China, most people regard the marriage a lifelong undertaking, and it's hard to judge a person in characters, values, or etc. In my view, it's wise to establish a regular contacts as common friends before we make a choice. Iran- Hossein In my point of view ,First of all,It is a good way to find a good friend.

After that they can continue the relationship to know each other better and will prepare them for marriage. Jocelyn China quite interesting, but not workable in China, esp. Fernando portugal I don't know if 3 minutes is enough time to meet his lover, but it's a funny way to meet people. Mai Truong - Vietnam I think it should be very interesting to attend speed dating if you are single. Pha Thailand I think it's a good way. Jurgi, Basque Country I think it is a funny idea and it may be a good business for people who organize these dates. The possibility to get a successful relationship would be very relative, just like happens in every kind of meetings between people.

John, China To fall in love with a charming partner at the first sight is considered to be extremely important in speed dating. Jerry, South Korea I think it's useful way for ice breaking in a group of new people. Helen China I don't think that is a good idea for love needs lots of care by the two sides and cares need many many times.

Have you tried speed dating

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