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For half an hour I've been chatting in a tidy Cambridge meeting room with Stuart Harris and, though I do not mention it, I have developed a theory. It comes unfurnished with any research other than my own experience, but here goes: no job in Britain is more difficult to explain than that of a chartered surveyor. Harris has been making a good attempt at it, engaging and enthusiastic in his smart suit and bright tie, but still I don't quite understand.

Chat sex Surveyor

Landed property — any property that has an interest in land. Whether he picks up on this or not, he is obviously used to it. That normally kills off the conversation pretty quickly.

Chat sex Surveyor

But I admit my assumption and that of many people, I suspect was that a chartered surveyor is simply the person who looks for hidden defects in the house you Chat sex Surveyor to buy. And indeed this is partly true. But, as Harris points out, only a minority of chartered surveyors do this — and there are about 75, of them across the country. So what are all the others up to? Consider these superficially unrelated questions. Who are those people in yellow jackets who spend their days measuring ro with funny tripods? Who advises mining companies on the potential value of mineral deposits?

Who manages large country estates on behalf of rich families? Who estimates and controls the costs on building projects such as the Channel tunnel? The answer, in case you somehow haven't guessed, is that all of them are chartered surveyors. And there are many others still, like Harris, who do none of these things.

Indeed, to get a sense of the scale of the profession, it is fair to say that if you live in a town you will probably not step on a square inch of land all day that has not been planned or examined at some point by a member of his profession. At last, the penny drops: there is no such job as "chartered surveyor".

Instead, it covers a profession, such as doctor or lawyer, where the title describes a qualification and a general set of skills, but can apply to some diverse and highly focused kinds of work. I don't know an awful lot about what a quantity surveyor does, but there are a lot of them. Fortunately, Harris himself does not need to know. He is a residential surveyor, specialising in valuations of country houses, within a large property consultancy — Carter Jonas.

As an accredited member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, he must keep abreast of all the relevant changes in his field as part of his continuing professional development, and he has the skills to carry out structural surveys and other tasks if necessary.

And he is free, moreover, to derive some of his income from working as an estate agent, which he and many other surveyors find to be a natural overlap. Indeed it was the versatility of a surveyor's qualification that drew him into studying for one, through a degree in rural estate management at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

But when I went there, in or whenever, I didn't have a preconceived idea that I'd end up selling country houses. To pass Assessment of Professional Competence exams, usually sat after two years in work, Harris followed his training into a rural practice firm, and quickly discovered it was not for him. So he focused more on the transactional side of his work, before moving swiftly to another job with a property specialist, and then to Carter Jonas.

I confess estimating the value of a house does not sound so difficult to me. What does Harris actually do that took him five years to learn? And you're then starting to benchmark said property with others by virtue of their location or type. He makes it sound very professional. But then I reckon I could also measure up a building and search on the internet to see what similar ones went for.

I can't. And it is a rhetorical question. Nor could I accurately assess the effect on value of other less-obvious factors. You need to be aware of those sorts of things as well. And then there are the hypothetical valuations, where Harris will be asked to say how much a house would be worth under certain circumstances, or how much it was worth at a certain time. You can look at all criteria, but eventually it will come down to an element of judgment as well. And that's where experience and the art comes in. During Chat sex Surveyor last housing boom, however, this is where a certain amount of skulduggery came in, as some chartered surveyors were found to be Chat sex Surveyor overvaluing properties so buyers could extract more cash from their mortgage company.

And though Harris insists his profession is generally clean, he does acknowledge that with a chartered surveyor's valuation being worth thousands of pounds to some people, being put under pressure — in either direction — goes with the territory. Yet how would he respond? And now it is my turn to shrug.

Chat sex Surveyor

He is right, no doubt, but surely this would not deter everyone? What, finally, does he say to them?

Chat sex Surveyor

And because I'm involved with estate agency too, I tend to get paid a bit more. But for me personally, because I do what I do, I can't really leave my work at work.

Chat sex Surveyor

Worst thing "You're expected to get it right, and you normally do, but you only get noticed when things go wrong. You can't win, really. The chartered surveyor: Made to measure. There is more to Stuart Harris's job than finding defects in houses.

But, as Leo Benedictus discovers, it's not a good idea to ask him what he does at a party. Stuart Harris residential surveyor at Carter Jonas, Cambridge, using his lazer measure. Photograph: Graham Turner. Leo Benedictus.

Chat sex Surveyor

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Chat sex Surveyor

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