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Member donations are what make our reporting possible. Will you consider a membership donation to help sustain WyoFile reporting? You're as obsessed with the facts as we are! Subscribe to our free newsletter and get the latest stories straight to your inbox every Tuesday. Riverside— C. He greets Margaret, the owner, and nods to her two dogs as they wander in. He orders a cheese-steak and iced tea. And he points to a spot at the bar where he likes to catch Nuggets games. But this is also a place where the best-selling author dreams up the latest adventures for Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett.

Box cranks out 1, words a day—whether here at the Bearside, in his stream-side cabin, or at home in Cheyenne. The first Pickett book appeared in In less than a decade, Box has scaled the heights of the publishing world; millions of copies in the Pickett series have been sold worldwide. Still, Box can pass for an average Wyomingite, both in his appearance and in his passions.

When asked how success has changed him, he smiles. Each new Joe Pickett book—there are 10 now—outsells the last. Below Zerowhich came out last year, hit the No. Incredibly prolific—at least for a modern writer Charles Dickens and Anthony Trollope used to churn it out, too —Box also has penned two stand-alone thrillers, Blue Heaven and Three Weeks to Say Goodbye for a two-book-a-year pace.

While prepping to tour for Nowhere to Runhe has a new thriller, Back of Beyondin the editing stages and a new Pickett mystery, which will highlight the wind-energy industry, in the research phase. Despite the speed, Box clearly is impressing some critics. And now Hollywood has come calling. While many Chat e mail friend to Cheyenne Wyoming books languish, this one seems to be moving forward.

Box bought the place three years ago as a retreat for writing—and fishing. Fly-fishing comes up often around Box. He guides photographer Brad Christensen and me, who are far less sure-footed, onto the frozen Encampment River which runs through his property.

In a nearby shed, he keeps a raft and a drift boat, which he can launch from his front lawn at the first thaw. No granite or leather, no picturesque pelt or elk-horn-chandelier— none of the usual trappings of Mountain West wealth. A wood-burning stove stands in the middle of the main room upstairs, where two sway-backed couches face a simple wooden table: furniture that, minus the beer stains, could be found in a college dorm lounge.

Downstairs, Box guides us into a small office with a single window that overlooks the driveway. His desk faces a wall adorned with a picture of a trout painted by his two oldest daughters, year-old fraternal twins Becky and Molly. From the Colorado state line to Saratoga, a survey of 30 miles of river found 3, to 4, catchable fish. This love of place has won Box some elite Wyoming fans.

Dave Freudenthal became hooked on the series after stumbling upon a Pickett mystery when he intended to grab a different book for a trip to Alaska. Box treats governors. In particular, he is interested in nailing his portrayals of Wyoming people. I want to write about real people and different points of views. Box grew up in Casper, the oldest of four children and a third-generation Wyomingite. His father was an elementary school principal and his mother taught at the Wyoming School for the Deaf.

Box was the only dedicated reader in the house. I had librarians who were my friends. After graduating from college, unable to find work in Denver, Box returned to Wyoming, where the publisher of the Saratoga Sun invited him for an interview on a fishing boat on the Platte River. Before settling on a game warden, Box tried using a sheriff and then a journalist as his sleuth, but, neither would realistically find himself in remote areas chasing criminals.

Box did, and his career took a swerve into tourism. Aroundhe and Laurie moved to Lander for five months, where they started their tourism business, Rocky Mountain International, with Lander businessman Bill Sniffin. Sniffin credits Box with the business concept: convincing Rocky Mountain state governments to save money by marketing themselves en bloc to Europeans, who annually take month-long vacations and can visit the whole region in one trip.

One of those decisions was to move the company to Cheyenne to be closer to a major airport and the state capital. Still, Open Season was going nowhere in New York. Box showed Open Season to an agent whose interest was piqued. He asked Box if he had a representative.

Box gave him the name of his New York agent. A young Putnam editor at the conference took the book home and within days pitched it to her boss. The publisher offered Box a contract for three books featuring Joe Pickett.

Open Season went on to outperform expectations by going into four printings, receiving four-star reviews, and being nominated for an Edgar and a Los Angeles Times Book Prize. Box has received fan mail from a hunter who re Pickett novel while hunkered down in deer blinds. A group of Maine hunters mailed Box a snapshot of themselves, outfitted in orange and holding up copies of his books.

Sarah Brown of Laramie, who attended a Box book-ing event in Saratoga in early February, says her two sons, ages 23 and 24, were far from big readers until they discovered Box. But one of them found a Pickett mystery. Box fans are also drawn to his Chat e mail friend to Cheyenne Wyoming heroes who recall the romantic Old West. The country is his No. On his Web site, www. No, Box is not at risk of becoming a member of the literati. What I was interested in there were no courses for: Writing commercial fiction.

Everyone in the class was like that, and I hated it. Others, however, might fault such a workmanlike approach to prose. So he may never compete with, say, Annie Proulx. The two have met. Box reports that Proulx said she is a fan of his work. His familiarity with marketing may also be one key to his success.

Chat e mail friend to Cheyenne Wyoming

He is no shrinking violet when it comes to self-promotion. He admits, for example, that the black cowboy hat that he wears for his dust-jacket photos, goes on during book tours and promotional events. The everyday Box is a baseball-cap guy. Box also answers every fan letter and e-mail he receives, fair and foul.

On his Web site, he recently hit his 1, th reply. Occasionally, fans have gotten a little too close. At a book ing in Los Angeles, a man showed Box a photo of deer. Beyond promotion, Box also spends time researching his books. He then wraps the crime around the issue. What it means to me is that some kind of beauties are ideological. Box tries to get the details right.

Chat e mail friend to Cheyenne Wyoming

As our interview wraps up, Box seems anxious to get on with his day. Undoubtedly, he has research to pursue, a manuscript to fact-check, a book-tour to prep for, and a family to check in on.

Chat e mail friend to Cheyenne Wyoming

Finally, does Box think he might ever become so wrapped up in his writing that the rod and waders collect dust? She also writes fiction. Susan Gray Gose is a freelance writer who lives in Lander with her husband and two children. She has been managing editor of the Lander Journal, a correspondent for People magazine, an assistant editor More by Susan Gray Gose. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Please contact the developer of this form processor to improve this message. Even though the server responded OK, it is possible the submission was not processed. What an excellent writer! Just read a preview of Long Range…. A combine cuts or picks up grain, wheat, barley, oats, etc. Loved this article and, even more so, the books! One correction, Saddlestring exists! We are a guest ranch in northeast Wyoming, have been called Saddlestring for over 50 years and have our own zipcode……population 8.

We sell C. Thanks for sharing your great talent! Hi, Susan — Great story on a most remarkable Wyoming author! My son got me hooked on C. Son buys the books, then I get to read them.

Chat e mail friend to Cheyenne Wyoming

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Chat e mail friend to Cheyenne Wyoming

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